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HAFIZ MUSTAFA has an important place in the task field of the Human Resources Department, regardless of the task of the employees under its in the same building. The human resources department develops and implements new methods for efficient and effective work of its employees. The Human Resources Department carries out this task for specific purposes.



To give the value of each employee who works at HAFIZ Mustafa to their employees with fair and equal practices.


To create a peaceful working environment within the framework of open and transparent management approach that increases both individual and corporate quality by supporting the development of its personnel.


To have a human resource that is proud to work at HAFIZ Mustafa by ensuring that the employee is satisfied with his work as much as possible and to make this structure sustainable. In order to achieve this goal, HAFIZ MUSTAFA's Human Resources Department focused on the following issues.


·   Continuous development of existing human resources 

·   Developing career planning and backup systems of existing human resources 

·   Motivating and encouraging existing human resources

·   Gaining potential workforce to the institution


Ethics and Moral Values

Hafiz Mustafa has a duty to show attitudes and behaviors in accordance with Hafiz MUSTAFA's ethical behavior principles in all his activities and relations with the people and organizations with whom he has business relations at home and abroad, to the society he is in, to his customers, suppliers, partners and employees, and to make efforts to adopt these principles by spreading them.


1. Honesty

2. Social Responsibility

3. Respect The Law

4. Establishing A Fair Working Environment

5. Work ethic and behavior among employees

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